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19 Mai

my3000 winners 2017 wide

For all smartphone lovers, Carosello 3000 Livigno, in collaboration with Rossignol, Nike Vision, Dragon Alliance, launched the third season of my3000. This mobile app allows skiers to turn skiing on the slopes in an exciting adventure with awards. Now it’s time for the prize giving!

Contest Rossignol Hero
Winner of skis Rossignol Hero Elite
Giancarlo L.

Winners Rossignol Hero Athletes Bag
Bruno F.
Michal L.
Ti Mo S.
David P.
Adam K.

Vision Challenge
Winners of snow-goggle by Nike Vision
Jakub C.
Lukasz G.
Emil Sylvan P.
Antoine C.
Antonello P.

Winners of sunglasses by Nike Vision
Pieter-Jan  D.
Jonas W.
Dries D.
Valerio M.
Giovanni B.

Contest Vote your experience
Winners of skis Rossignol Soul 7 HD
Titti K.

Winners of  backpacks Rossignol Freedire compatible
Andrey B.
Enrico M.  
Rafal P.
Radomil K.
Blasioli T.

**The winner's names are not entirely showed according to the privacy regulation. All winners will be contacted personally to arrange the withdrawal of prizes.

my3000 appscreens wide

My3000 is not only a mobile game, but also a useful application which will help you  enjoy better your ski holyday in Livigno.

Ski more safe
When you install my3000 on your mobile phone, you will be able,  in case of accident, to call the rescue team of Carosello 3000 with just a click and without need to store phone numbers. Furthermore, if it is difficult to localize your position, you can send a text message with your coordinates on Google Maps. Safety first!

Receive info in real time
Through your mobile app #my3000 you have an easy  access to web-cams and  daily and weekly weather forecasts. Moreover, you will receive a POWDER ALERT notification  after every significant snowfall in Livigno.

Check your performance on the slopes
With ski-tracker you can check  daily how many kilometers you ski, your vertical drop and speed . You can also enter your my3000 personal  area on  the web site carosello3000.com with a summary of your ski performance.

 Donwload for free the mobile app my3000 from Google Play or Apple Store.

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