Ever done après-ski? You ain't seen nothing yet.

Dive into Livigno's most buzzing parties. Meet guys and girls from all over Europe. Let your hair down, dance on the tabletops, throw yourself into the arms of the famous gorillas. You can't say you've truly experienced Livigno if you haven't been to a party at Stalet.

Stalet is the largest après-ski location in the whole resort. The international atmosphere is always buzzing. The parties, with different DJs, musicians and themes every day, kick off in the early afternoon. When the sun sets, a huge retractable roof extends over the crowds and the party continues.

Stalet is also a restaurant offering speedy, trendy cuisine. You can grab a seat either inside or on the terrace outside and get stuck into burgers, pizzas and grilled meat. Food is also available to take away.

Staying at Livigno with a group and want to organise a truly vibrant and zesty party? Looking for somewhere where the fun doesn't stop even while you’re having dinner? This is it. Contact us at for a personalized offer.


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Stalet après-ski is located next to the bottom of the Carosello 3000 San Rocco gondola (no.11), right at the bottom of the slopes.

Dj Francesco

You're done skiing for the day, you tell yourself you're just going to have a quick drink in Stalet. I bet it'll be dark by the time you leave.
DJs are not jukeboxes. Yes, we do always try to keep the crowds happy, but please don't ask for “Country Road” over and over again.
If there's a cute girl in your group with some good moves, you can be sure she'll be called up to the decks or asked to dance on the bar. Get your smartphone ready to film the fun.
When the gorillas with backpacks come out, you know you have two options. Either get out quick, or accept your fate and get ready to help your friends in trouble. Just pray that it won't be you asking for help.
You can come in wearing ski boots. But if you get the chance, go home and get changed. It's so much easier to dance and party with trainers on.
If you have had a few too many and your car is in the car park, do what I do: call a taxi. There's nothing worse than a car accident or losing your licence when you're on holiday.
Dj Francesco

What people say

  • 3 words are enough! I LOVE IT! :)
    Grzegorz D.
  • Carosello 3000 was a dream of a Mountain, great slopes with great friends.
    Shaun W.
  • Awesome... snow, people, weather and infrastructure.
    Ionni V.
  • It was the best trip of my life!!!
    Yanina M.
  • My heart lives in this Mountain!
    Valery K.
  • An amazing atmosphere and incredible people make life in Livigno unforgettable!!!!
    Mariusz W.
  • We can't think of a better place for a family wanting to experience great skiing of all levels.
    Oskar L.
  • Skiing for the first time in Italy and I completely fell in love with beautiful large slopes and a very relaxing atmosphere during and after skiing!
    Agnieszka T.
  • Simply fantastic! Well prepared slopes, friendly staff and amazing snow!
    Gianni P.
  • Every time exciting like the first time!
    Alex D.
  • The best place on earth to spend the holiday - both for winter and summer activities. Amazing!
    Berit G.
  • This is the place, you always want to return back...
    Vilmantas M.
  • Fantastic. The best of the best:)
    Katarina V.
  • Livigno is just the pure form of skiing.
    Damm J.
  • I had the time of my life in Livingo. I will never forget this trip.
    Julia P.
  • It has been one of the best ski vacations I have ever had.
    Dan M.
  • Carosello 3000 is amazing, probably the best place in Europe.
    Tommaso R.
  • At Carosello 3000, I have experienced extra-large moments! :-D
    Thomas B.
  • You feel alive when skiing down the great Alps.
    Anders H.
  • The air and the view is so calming. Livigno is the place to de-stress.
    Bruriah H.
  • Symply the best!
    Angelo C.
  • Carosello 3000 is our place in the Alps!
    Marek L.
  • Livigno is fantastic! It combines the best of Italian atmosphere and Swiss organization.
    Kerstin F.
  • The best service, the best skiing, great atmosphere - just Carosello 3000 forever!
    Alan K.
  • At the end of the horizon, where the sun meets the snow ;))
    Marcin G.

The most thrillin' and chillin' adventures and experiences on the Livigno Mountain.
Sky Experience
From 3rd December
A paragliding flight over the alpine peaks.

Après Ski Stalet
5 - 11
Weekly party program.

Welcome to Freedom 12-02-2023
Welcome to Carosello 3000.

Après Ski Stalet
12 - 18
Weekly party program.

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The best tips for your Mountain escape. Via email, when you need them.
DISCOVER Carosello 3000
The best tips for your Mountain escape. Via email, when you need them.
DISCOVER Carosello 3000
The best tips for your Mountain escape. Via email, when you need them.
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