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A paragliding flight over the alpine peaks

Take your Mountain escape to new heights. Fly over the slopes and backcountry of Carosello 3000. Soar over snowy peaks. Let out a liberating scream over the Livigno valley.

Your Sky Experience will be recorded using various HD action cams. These images will be used to make a video for you to take home.


The Sky Experience takes place every day throughout the winter.


The meeting point for the Sky Experience is at the top of the San Rocco Carosello 3000 gondola. Landing takes place on the piste between the Amerikan ski lift and the Carosello 3000 San Rocco gondola.


Fabio Conti has been a paragliding pilot since 1990 and has been qualified to fly a two-seater since 1995. He has flown in the skies of Europe and Australia, clocking up more than 5,000 hours of flight time. He loves all boardsports, especially snowboarding on fresh powder. A few years ago he found his winter paradise at Carosello 3000 - Livigno.


The cost of the Sky Experience is €120.00 per person.

The Sky Experience is very dependent on weather conditions and wind direction. An average of 50 people can fly per week. Tell us the dates of your stay in Livigno to check availability and we'll get back in touch with you. Or give Fabio a call on (+39) 328.577.44.14

€ 120,00
Select your holiday dates

The Sky Experience is an exclusive event with a limited number of places. An average of 50 people can fly per week. Book now to secure your place before they're all gone.

Fabio Conti

The Sky Experience is a really safe activity. We only fly when the weather and wind conditions are safe.
The Sky Experience is great for all ages. We have flown with 5-year-old kids and people over 80 years old. The passenger's weight must not exceed 100 kg.
You wear your skis when flying. If you're a snowboarder or non-skier you can fly without skis or you can use some mini-skis we have available.
When you're flying you don't need your smartphone in your hand (you might drop it!) There are HD action cams on the paraglider to capture photos and videos of your experience.
The Sky Experience is a great idea for a surprise, for stag and hen trips and, of course, to tell someone you love them or for an unforgettable marriage proposal.
The Sky Experience is almost always fully-booked. Book well in advance.
Fabio Conti

What people say

  • Symply the best!
    Angelo C.
  • Livigno is fantastic! It combines the best of Italian atmosphere and Swiss organization.
    Kerstin F.
  • Livigno is just the pure form of skiing.
    Damm J.
  • The best place on earth to spend the holiday - both for winter and summer activities. Amazing!
    Berit G.
  • It has been one of the best ski vacations I have ever had.
    Dan M.
  • You feel alive when skiing down the great Alps.
    Anders H.
  • My heart lives in this Mountain!
    Valery K.
  • Skiing for the first time in Italy and I completely fell in love with beautiful large slopes and a very relaxing atmosphere during and after skiing!
    Agnieszka T.
  • 3 words are enough! I LOVE IT! :)
    Grzegorz D.
  • I had the time of my life in Livingo. I will never forget this trip.
    Julia P.
  • Fantastic. The best of the best:)
    Katarina V.
  • Carosello 3000 is amazing, probably the best place in Europe.
    Tommaso R.
  • Carosello 3000 is our place in the Alps!
    Marek L.
  • This is the place, you always want to return back...
    Vilmantas M.
  • An amazing atmosphere and incredible people make life in Livigno unforgettable!!!!
    Mariusz W.
  • Simply fantastic! Well prepared slopes, friendly staff and amazing snow!
    Gianni P.
  • It was the best trip of my life!!!
    Yanina M.
  • At Carosello 3000, I have experienced extra-large moments! :-D
    Thomas B.
  • We can't think of a better place for a family wanting to experience great skiing of all levels.
    Oskar L.
  • At the end of the horizon, where the sun meets the snow ;))
    Marcin G.
  • The air and the view is so calming. Livigno is the place to de-stress.
    Bruriah H.
  • Every time exciting like the first time!
    Alex D.
  • The best service, the best skiing, great atmosphere - just Carosello 3000 forever!
    Alan K.
  • Awesome... snow, people, weather and infrastructure.
    Ionni V.
  • Carosello 3000 was a dream of a Mountain, great slopes with great friends.
    Shaun W.
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DISCOVER Carosello 3000
The best tips for your Mountain escape. Via email, when you need them.
DISCOVER Carosello 3000
The best tips for your Mountain escape. Via email, when you need them.
DISCOVER Carosello 3000
The best tips for your Mountain escape. Via email, when you need them.
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9.00am - 4.30pm
Together with the Italian authorities Carosello 3000 suggests to stay safe and stay at home. In the meanwhile, keep projecting new outdoor adventures for the future and let you be inspired by this video.