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03 Aug

In Livigno there is a "right place" for your summer in the mountains: a mountain hut that embodies a mix of alpine cuisine, family activities, and also serves as a base camp for sportpeople.

Costaccia 1

Rifugio Costaccia is located at an altitude of 2630 m, and it’s easy to reach using the gondola Livigno Centro, located, obviously, in the center of the village. At the top station of the gondola there is also an info point where bikers, hikers and trail-runners can ask for information on the trails of the Mountain Park Carosello 3000.

Costaccia 8

At the refreshment point there is a bar, an a la carte restaurant on the top floor and a large terrace with barbecue. The kitchen – run by chef Mirko – offers, of course, all the delicacies of the Valtellina tradition:  pizzoccheri, polenta cooked in a big pot, grilled meat, bresaola and local cheese assortment. And you can taste all these delicacies facing the beautiful view on the lake of Livigno. If you don’t want to miss any flavor, you can ask for “Piatto Unico” – a single-course dish of the house –  and you will get a large dish including polenta, sausages, spare ribs, mushrooms and cheese.


Here you can stay basking in the sun, but you can also go for a hike on the mountain trails going down to the valley, or up towards the mountain ridge to admire the double view both on the Valley of Livigno and the Federia Valley. Near the mountain hut there is a chair lift (Vetta) that will bring you to the altitude of 2600 m, and the cost is already included in the price of the gondola ticket.

Costaccia 10

Outside Rifugio Costaccia there is a family area equipped with many classic games (swings, slides, ropes), as well as adventure trails with wooden walkways and rope bridges. There is also a "Caterpillar" play area where children can imagine to work on some "major building projects" (perhaps just the new Carosello 3000 gondola that is currently under construction).

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In the same area you can find the Kids MTB Park, where the youngest can take their first steps into the world of mountain biking on a flat loop with simple obstacles. In addition to mountain bikes with pedals for the older ones, the park is also equipped with balance bikes, pedal-less bikes suitable for teaching the small kids to balance on two-wheels. The staff will provide all equipment free of charge.

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And that's not all. The Mountain Hut Costaccia is also the meeting point for all bikers who want to venture on the trails of the Tutti Frutti Epic. This 45-km long tour includes the new MTB trails combined with some old mountain paths of the Mountain Park Carosello 3000. The tour can be completed in a day, and you can do it on your own (info at this link), or with a local MTB guide. Guided tours starts every day at 10 am from the mountain hut Costaccia. The charge is only € 9,00 in addition to the price of a bike pass.

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It is a real high altitude center dedicated to good food, relaxation and outdoor sports, well worth a visit during your stay in Livigno.

Rifugio Costaccia (+39.0342.990.731) is also on Facebook at this page.

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