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#News La seggiovia Blesaccia II è tornata al lavoro e può continuare a trasportare #hikers e #bikers in vetta alla…
#News Chair-lift Blesaccia II is back on duty and able to transport #hikers and #bikers to the top of the #Mountain.
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Due to the construction of a new gondola in San Rocco area that will replace the old one, you can reach the higher mountain area only by the gondola Livigno Centro – Costaccia. You can still get to the mountain peak thanks to the opening of the chair lift Blesaccia II.
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FreshTrack 4

The ski area Carosello 3000 in Livigno inaugurates the Fresh Track Experience & Luxury Breakfast. This exclusive offer will allow small groups of guests of the Valtellina resort to ski at dawn on clear, freshly groomed slopes.

FreshTrack 1

It has been said that the best skiing is early in in the morning.  From this week Carosello 3000 will offer an exclusive ski experience at the crack of dawn. Every Thursday a group of maximum 30 people will have the opportunity to leave their tracks on crowd-free and freshly groomed slopes. The appointment is at 7 am in the center of Livigno, on the terrace of the restaurant Tagliede, where the ski instructors of the Ski School Azzurra  will be waiting for them.

FreshTrack 5 The slopes with pre-opening will be those of the gondola Livigno Centro and the chair-lift Valandrea Vetta (total vertical drop 795 m), chosen because they are the first slopes of the resort to be caressed by the morning sun, and are also  famous for the most beautiful view over the valley and the lake of Livigno.

FreshTrack 6

After skiing, the guests of Fresh Track Experience will take their seats at table at the mountain restaurant Costaccia and enjoy a finger-licking breakfast with a wide selection of sweet and savoury delicacies.

FreshTrack 7

A few days ago, The Fresh Track was christened by a press tour organized by the sport eyewear brand Dragon Alliance, the partner of Carosello 3000. There were correspondents of the lifestyle magazines  Gioia and Elle Italy and the web influencers Gaudino Giulia, Alessandro Magni and Arme Lola. They had the opportunity to enjoy the adventure in a very special way, as a wonderful full moon was contending with the first rays of sun for lighting-up the Bellavista slope.

FreshTrack 2

This exclusive activity can be already booked online on the website of the ski area ( at the cost of € 29,00 per person. Bookings can be also made at the spot at the ticket offices of Carosello 3000 situated at the bottom of the gondolas (both in San Rocco zone and in the center of Livigno). The cost includes: a special ski pass that allows the use of the lifts from 7 am till the normal opening time, the assistance of ski instructors of the Ski School Azzurra and a Luxury breakfast at the mountain restaurant Costaccia.

FreshTrack 3

From the beginning of the next year the Fresh Track will also be inserted in a special package "Top Experience" containing all the most beautiful experiences offered by the mountains of Livigno. It will also include a special ski tour  with the well- known local freerider Davide Cusini, a food experience at an altitude of 3000 m at the Gourmet Restaurant La Stuvetta and an exciting paragliding flight over the ski slopes of Carosello 3000. What better way to spend your holiday in Livigno in absolute freedom!

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