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Mountain hut Carosello 3000 - Self & Snack

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Reach the height of delicious food

The Carosello 3000 restaurant and snack bar dominates the whole valley of Livigno from the arrival point of the S.Rocco (n°11-12) gondola. Visible from a distance due to its size and high location, the restaurant and snack bar has been designed to satisfy every customer's need for food and refreshment at high altitude. From the Snack bar to the Self-Service restaurant, from the Spaghetteria to a Gourmet restaurant for finer palates, here there is a selection for all tastes.
Do you fancy a hot, tempting breakfast? At the entrance to the mountain refuge you will be met by the fragrances coming from the Bar Torre. The cafeteria service which offers homemade cakes is a cosy corner and the ideal place to start your day on skis or to enjoy the warmth of a hot chocolate or a "bombardino", a famous local alcohol based drink.

Do you want to make the most of the time you have for skiing? Then the Snack bar is the place for you. You can enjoy a quick snack choosing from a range of rolls, hamburgers, hot dogs, or slices of maxi pizzas prepared on the spot and cooked as required. A quick break before returning invigorated to the pistes.

Would you like a lunch that is both complete but also good value for money? The Self-service restaurant offers a wide choice of first courses, meat cooked in front of you, a salad bar, a display of cakes and fruit salads. The dishes can be enjoyed in the comfort of the large panoramic dining room overlooking the whole of the Livigno valley.

Seating 600 customers inside and 1,200 outside on the terraces, the Carosello 3000 restaurant and snack bar is the refreshment facility with the largest customer capacity at high altitude in the whole of the ski-area. Whenever the weather allows, the terraces spring to life with live music, D.J.s and entertainment providing fun moments to be immortalised and shared immediately thanks to the Free Wi-Fi service

You can contact the restaurant directly by calling: +39.0342.971.400


Piero "The Rocker" Filoni

He is a modern-day nomad who lives in a camping van and looks like a "born in the USA" rocker. He puts the music notes in a pot and offers his own menu. His latest adventure? He was a contestant in the popular TV reality show Peking Express.

Dj Giuseppe

The king of fun on top of the mountain in Livigno! For seven years he has been making tourists dance at 3000 meters, braving the freezing temperature. In his suitcase you will always find the hits “around the world” to satisfy any requests, a pig costume, a little bit of English, a little bit of Polish and fun is guaranteed!


His cowboy ballads evoke the prairies of American West, with wild dances by the bonfire light and the sound of Winchester guns during an attack on a wagon train. His harmonica sings of love, too much whiskey and shaking skirts. If he had been born in the Wild West, he would have stood by Billy the Kid.

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