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  • Rifugio Costaccia di Livigno
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Due to the construction of a new gondola in San Rocco area that will replace the old one, you can reach the higher mountain area only by the gondola Livigno Centro – Costaccia. You can still get to the mountain peak thanks to the opening of the chair lift Blesaccia II.
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Costaccia Restaurant

Traditional flavours

Located at a height of 2,360 m. a.s.l., the Costaccia restaurant is located on a wide flat area right at the arrival point of the Livigno Centre gondola. The family atmosphere and the special cuisine, offering tasty reappraisals of traditional local dishes, have made this restaurant a true and proper institution of Livigno at high altitude. The outdoor terrace provides plenty of space for guests with a barbecue that is always alight and where the main specialities of Valtellina cuisine are served, to be savoured facing the splendid panorama that stretches across the whole valley right in front of you.

Some of the most charming paths start from here and run across the Alpine ridges and the mountain slopes.

For just € 30,00 you can ask at the ticket office for the "Return Gondola Ticket + Lunch" formula.

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