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The flavour of tradition

Thanks to the flavours of its dishes and culinary tradition, the Costaccia mountain refuge has become a legend in its own right. The restaurant, built in wood with characteristic features, welcomes guests with the traditional warmth of Livigno. The atmosphere is perfect for savouring in absolute tranquillity the delicious local dishes, perhaps accompanied by natural sauces prepared using ingredients from the wood. A break for a culinary delight that will satisfy your palate and enable you to rediscover the flavours of past times.

A mountain refuge at high altitude that not only serves epic lunches, but that can also cater for quick breaks for rolls or hot chocolate at the bar on the ground floor. And when the weather is fine, a stop on the spacious, outdoor terrace is a must to enjoy barbecued meat and polenta cooked in a traditional copper pot over a wood fire. Ah, we were almost forgetting to mention the wide selection of Alpine liquors and a unique speciality...deer's milk. It's worthwhile coming to taste it!

The Costaccia mountain refuge is located at a height of 2,360 metres, right at the arrival of the Livigno Centre gondola (n°25-27) and by the side of the Valandrea-Vetta chairlift (n°28) serving the blue runs dedicated to families and younger visitors. The wide flat area in front of the mountain refuge is used as a sun terrace. Stretched out on deckchairs, you are assured of getting a nice Alpine tan, while sharing the photos of your day with friends thanks to the Wi-Fi free service.

You can contact the restaurant directly by calling: +39.0342.99.07.31

Due to the limited size of the dining room, the tables at the Costaccia restaurant cannot be booked in advance.

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