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A dirt road that passes through Vetta Blesaccia connects the mountain stations of the two Carosello 3000 cable railways in San Rocco and Livigno Centre. It is a very scenic path that allows you to admire the views of the entire valley of Livigno up to the lake and, at times, even Val Federia, which is parallel.

A flat path that begins at the top of the Carosello 3000 cable railway in San Rocco and leads to Mount Rezze, where the famous statue of Madonon is found. This location is one of the most impressive sights of the Livigno valley and also hosts the open shelter Involt da li Resa (leave a message in the traveller’s book!) The glaciers of Ortles, Cevedale and the sharp ridges of Mount Bernina (4049 m) are visible in the distance along the path. Once the destination is reached, you can decide whether to return via the same path or continue down the valley along the Plascianet trail.

A path that goes from Mount Rezze (Madonon) to the valley, crossing the road just below the intermediate station of the San Rocco cable railway Carosello 3000. The upper part, stony and sometimes steep (therefore advisable only to experienced trekkers), has a rocky landscape, which is typical at high altitude. Whereas the lower part is flat and a charming alpine terrain of pastures and forests is found near the two open shelters Baitel del Canton and Baitel del Plascianet. At the intersection of the two shelters, the trail crosses variants of medium difficulty that can be travelled down to the valley.

A trail connecting the top of the Livigno Centre cable railway and the intermediate station of the San Rocco cable car Carosello 3000. The name derives from the pastures where the Highlander cattle breed with its characteristic long hair usually settle. There are two variants in the middle of the trail that go down the "Troi da li Tea" path.

A short but beautiful trail near the top of the Livigno centre cable railway that leads to the valley. The entrance is marked by a cross on a rocky ridge, whereas the path travels to the valley amidst wooded areas, steep tracks and beautiful sights. At the end, the path is paved forward where it meets the beautiful meadow of Plan della Golp and crosses the "Troi da li Tea" trail.

A path that begins at the intermediate station of the Livigno centre cable railway and leads to a very scenic and flat trail. The traditional “Tea” farmhouses are found along the path, which are used in summer, and the beautiful wooden sculptures of some local artisans. The trail crosses the dirt road that leads back to the village near the San Rocco cable car Carosello 3000 but you can walk to the Forcola area, through the woods to the end of the village.

A dirt road that descends from the top of the San Rocco cable car Carosello 3000 and covers the magnificent Val Federia. A dive in the pristine nature of Livigno, amidst unspoiled landscapes and Alpine meadows. The path, which presents some variations along the way (and meets the trail that climbs toward Passo Cassana), opens on the road at the Calcheira bridge.

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