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Freeride Livigno: vivi la libertà dei grandi spazi alpini con lo sci-fuori pista

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Carosello 3000 Livigno is the gateway to vast unmarked and unchecked areas of fresh snow, where you can fulfil your desire to ski surrounded by nature. Starting from spaces next to ski runs, which are easily accessible to beginners, to more challenging back-country trails or skiing on snowy mountain peaks surrounding the valley, everyone will be able to find spaces suited to their level of expertise.
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Approaching Area
Are you a beginner who is becoming passionate about off-trail skiing?
Start by exploring the "Freeride Approaching Areas", namely, low-risk areas surrounded by beaten tracks where you can ski on fresh snow with no obligation to have an avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe (which, however, are recommended). You can find accesses to the "Freeride Approaching Areas" in the Federia area (no. 14) and next to the chairlift of Fontane Vetta (no. 19).
Freeride Livigno: dove trovare le Approaching Areas per principianti
View the Freeride Approaching Areas on the map:
If you decide to ski off-trail, remember to always have with you an ARTVA, a shovel and a probe and to always check that your device is functioning properly at the ARTVA check-points located at the cable railway arrival Carosello 3000 of San Rocco and Livigno Centro. Make sure to always check the bulletin of Livigno which, by accurately monitoring the local area, provides daily updates on avalanche risk levels.

For your off-trail excursions or for heli-skiing, you can rely on expert guides with in-depth knowledge of the local area. The Alpine Guides of Livigno offer excursions and courses to "easy" powder enthusiasts and those who enjoy venturing away from the usual routes.

Freeride Livigno: per le tue escursioni affidati alle guide alpine di Livigno
Start by giving us the first information, we will get back to you as soon as possible:
For all freeride enthusiasts, Carosello 3000 Livigno strongly recommends:
- leaving the marked ski runs only if you are well aware of the risks and know what to do;
- planning your routes in advance so that you do not find yourself in inaccessible areas where returning to the valley becomes too difficult or even impossible;
- taking part in courses organised by the Alpine Guides of Livigno;
- taking the necessary rescue equipment with you at all times (avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe) and to be trained to use it properly.
- checking proper functioning of the avalanche transceiver at all times at the check-points located at the arrival of the cable railway Carosello 3000 of San Rocco and Livigno Centro.
- checking the "Freeride Livigno - Feel the Powder" avalanche bulletin at all times.
- Off-trail skiing is at your own risk and peril. Carosello 3000 Srl and Sitas S.p.A. shall not be held liable for any accidents or injuries occurred outside marked ski runs.

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