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Livigno Snowpark: scopri The Beach, la divertente area freestyle per snowboarders e skiers.

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High altitude surfers, this story is for you!
After the latest storm, a tropical bay with white sand and restless waters has mysteriously appeared at 3000 meters above the sea level.
Carosello 3000 has immediately turned this area into a place where you can have fun, relax in the sun, join  numerous beach parties and,  of course, ride together girls and guys from all over Europe. Everything you need to live at the top your Shaka-day!
Stay tuned!
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Like in all famous surf destinations, there could be plenty of dangers here: an enormous white shark has been spotted close to the bay. Carosello 3000 recommends caution and suggests to follow the indications of the personnel, not to enter the area after sunset, and especially surf in large groups.
Where and times
The Beach is located near the lift Baby Lac-Salin (n° 14) and,
weather permitting, it’s open every day from 9.30 am to 4 pm.

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Livigno Snowpark: scopri The Beach la frestyle area più divertente di Livigno
Don't miss the fun parties!

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