Carosello 3000 Livigno


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Due to the construction of a new gondola in San Rocco area that will replace the old one, you can reach the higher mountain area only by the gondola Livigno Centro – Costaccia. You can still get to the mountain peak thanks to the opening of the chair lift Blesaccia II.
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Respect the mountain

Carosello 3000 is a "Mountain Park" offering dedicated services to bikers, hikers, runners and to everyone who wants to experience the mountains with a sense of freedom. In order to better enjoy the experience of nature, please follows these simple rules.

Respect nature. Do not pick flowers or plants. Use the appropriate containers and bins for rubbish and waste. Do not smoke or use flammable material outside of the supervised areas. Do not walk, run or ride outside the marked paths and roads.

Respect the animals. Do not feed the animals and do not scare them with inappropriate behaviour. The mountains are theirs, too.

Respect the signs. Do not walk on trails marked for bikers only and do not ride on trails intended for walkers or runners only. Do not take paths marked with a prohibition sign. Never walk along paths intended for bikers only in the opposite direction.

Respect other people. Proceed carefully on the mixed paths accessible to bikers, walkers and runners. Keep an eye on your children at all times. Help anyone who is in trouble. Always keep your dog on a lead.

Respect yourself. Always take a map of the area with you. Assess the difficulty of the paths before leaving and proceed according to your abilities. Wear clothing and shoes that are appropriate for the mountains. Helmets and other types of protection for bikers can prevent serious injuries and are strongly recommended for all ages.

Respect the timetable. Accessing the mountains at times other than the facility's opening times is possible, but you must be aware that the paths will not be supervised.

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