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Due to the construction of a new gondola in San Rocco area that will replace the old one, you can reach the higher mountain area only by the gondola Livigno Centro – Costaccia. You can still get to the mountain peak thanks to the opening of the chair lift Blesaccia II.
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Livigno. Feel the alps.

Your holidays in Livigno: active, fun and very comfortable… at duty free prices!

Culture, Alpine flavours and lots of sport. Standing at 1,816 m. above sea level in the village and 3000 m. above sea level at high altuitude, Livigno in the summer is a true open air gym. It is not unusual to meet Italian and international athletes who come here to train for important competitions.

For nature lovers and mountain enthusiasts, the area of Livigno is full of paths that are perfect for a quiet panormaic walk or a more demanding excursion towards the mountain peaks. On these paths it is also easy to come across various farm animals grazing in the meadows, but also other wild animals such as marmots, hare, roedeer and Alpine ibex. Up in the sky it is quite common to see the bearded vulture and sometimes the golden eagle.

Families are provided with facilities and activities suitable for young children, while young couples find a wide range of entertainment and night-time fun in the lively village. Livigno is well known as a destination for mountain biking on a European level.
The area offers trails for every discipline, from a splendid cycle path along the river to the bike park as well as the cross country trails and the "natural freeride" on the Carosello 3000 slope.

What's more in the centre you will find numerous shops with their windows that will tempt you to indulge in some shopping. Technical and casual clothing, leading brands of leatherware and cosmetics, the latest electronic gadgets … will you be able to resist? We don't think so!

And that is not all because the Duty Free Area of Livigno will welcome you with its very special prices, even for cigarettes and liquors. Whoops, we almost forgot to mention that big smile that will appear on your face …. when you get to the petrol station! Are you thinking that Livigno is a chaotic urban area in a mountain setting? You couldn't be more wrong. Nature, landscapes and traditions form the very soul of Livigno. The village, which lies at the bottom of the valley, is like a crib of small wooden houses with their characteristic shape and carvings of times past. The shops offer modern products but with the warmth that only family-run businesses can offer. And the Alpine views will leave you breathless. Believe us, in Livigno you will feel the very essence of the Alps.


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