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We thought that those  two together were dangerous ... and it didn’t take long to prove it! Saturday, July 18, during the official inauguration of the first 10 km of flow trails at Carosello 3000, Hans "No Way" Rey, the pioneer of mountain-biking and the celebrity  spokesperson for Livigno, and Danny MacAskill, the Scottish who had become a star through YouTube,  showed in their own  way the appreciation of the new trails designed and built for all bikers.

Hans “No Way” Rey

The idea is to have a certain kind of flow trail that everybody can ride and that is never steep, never extreme and never dangerous. It took a long time and we worked hard but now I’m really happy about the way Carosello 3000 built the trails. You can recognize it’s a real flow country because you look at the people face and they are smiling when they arrive at the bottom. Now we have 10 km and it’s just the beginning. And this will be good for tourism and for the bike industry because we will get more people on bikes. Livigno is one of the best place in the world for mountain-biking and now we have all kind of trails.

Danny MacAskill

For me it’s always awesome to be here in Livigno. I rode already with Hans all over the valley and now riding the flow country trails  as a pro rider I had the same enjoyment. And even who is riding a mountain bike for the first time can have really good time. I hope to be back again soon. 

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