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Do you enjoy the thrill of skiing on fresh snow, but have no time or desire to venture into uncontrolled backcountry areas?

Well, hear this. After each heavy snowfall, Carosello 3000 will notify fresh snow enthusiasts on a slope that, for the occasion, will not be milled for a single day. Of course the Powder Slopes - Double Black are recommended only for experienced skiers but, unlike backcountry areas, they have the advantage of being delimited and controlled by our Rescue Team.
And if you don’t fancy going on them? No problem!
The Double Black slopes will always be marked by Powder Slope signs, and they will be chosen from time to time so that they can be easily avoided by skiers who do not wish to go on them.
How do you know when and where to ski on a Powder Slope?
First of all subscribe to thePowder Alert service below to find out the extent of the snowfall and check our Facebook page to find out which slope fulfils your desire for fresh snow.

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