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Hi, Alberto. As it has become a bit of tradition, we are here to comment on the third season of the MTB project of the Mountain Park Carosello 3000. This year again, despite the closure of the gondola in San Rocco area, bikers have increased considerably ...
Yes, I would say yes. I’m of the impression that the number of bikers in the Mountain Park has increased considerably this summer again. The lack of the gondola in San Rocco area penalized us certainly, but we succeeded to give an alternative service through the opening of Blesaccia II chairlift, and also to create a great meeting point at the top of Livigno Centro gondola. This summer, going to Rifugio Costaccia, I was really happy with the circulation of bikers, couples and families that I could see around.


It seems that Tutti Frutti is the talk of the summer? To what do you attribute the success of this tour designed by Hans Rey?
I think it’s been a brilliant idea that will continue to give us lot of satisfaction in the coming years. The Mountain Park Carosello 3000 does not propose a traditional, gravity-style bike park, but a series of flow trails, enduro trails, and old mountain paths set on a large area. Tutti Frutti is a tour that can be completed in a day allowing bikers not only to ride across all the mountain but also to try different riding styles. That's why everybody likes it and it reflects  100% what the Mountain Park wants to give its guests.

The pastry chef of the Ice Cream Shop  Biancaneve took inspiration from this tour to create a new ice cream flavor.  Have you tasted it?
After work, I usually prefer to have a beer. But I'm pretty sure that the ice cream Tutti Frutti is really delicious.


A new trail was inaugurated at the end of July, and, because of its features, it was called "Enduro”. Has it been appreciated by bikers?
What we wanted to add to the "flow-trails” was a less fluid trail, so we added rocks, sharp turns, and different gradients.  It’s a rather technical and fun trail that our customers really appreciate. I wouldn’t rule out that we can build other trails of this type in the future.


Carosello 3000’s bike area has already reached a significant size in just over two years. Does this cause some problems regarding control and maintenance of the trails?
In just over two years we have built 25 km of new trails, and considering the pre-existing trails as well, the bike area of Carosello 3000 has already become very large. Fortunately, given the type of the trails, injuries are very few and maintenance is well managed. Then, with this continuous increase of users, we must be ready to do our best to handle the flow at the lifts and to further improve the signage system and maintenance.


At the moment you and your guys are working on a new trail in the area of Rifugio Costaccia. What are the characteristics of this new trail?
The idea is to make a trial that will be a real MTB training ground for the learning of riding skills.  So we imagined a trail consisting of more sections where kids will face everything they may find in the mountains: drop offs, sharp turns, rocks, causeways, bridges, berms etc. And all this on a 4 km-long route. Everything very easy, of course. For example, during the construction,  we had the rule not to exceed  5 degrees of slope.


If we have to make a criticism, this year we may have missed the events. Even the 3K, which was very appreciated, was not repeated...
Criticism is always constructive ... but you need to have patience. I know that the marketing guys have been already working on a project for next year.



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