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Two consecutive gondola lifts, with a total length of 3 km and a vertical rise of 900 m. Three completely new stations. All to be realized during the short and meteorologically unpredictable Livigno’s summer. The construction of the new Carosello 3000 gondola (San Rocco area) has to be completed within the month.

A heavy blanket of snow has fallen across the mountains of Livigno. But the excellent weather conditions in October have allowed to work efficiently and without a hitch. The engines have been installed, the rope has been positioned and the 10-passenger CWA cabins have reached Livigno. The next phase involves the continuation of the stations’ construction and the final tests conducted by the Ministry of Transport.

Stefano Cusini, General Manager of Carosello 3000, is not certainly giving up: "There is still a lot to do, and this snowfall has complicated our plans. But we did expect it, and we certainly cannot complain, because throughout the autumn skies have really helped us. We have to make just one final effort, and we can do it."

Over the past few weeks Doppelmayr's staff, together with Redaelli's experts, have finished the installing of the wire rope and its "splicing", a technique used to join two rope ends together. The new Omega IV - 10 SI Twistin gondola cabins, the first-class product of the Swiss company CWA, are ready for on-rope installation. Then we will proceed to the testing phase conducted by the technicians of the Ministry of Transport.

Rico Wehrli, from CWA company, describes the cab model chosen by Carosello 3000: "Maximum comfort. They offer a combination of an elegant design and incomparable spaciousness, more comfortable seats than standard ones, both inside and outside ski racks. They are real jewels and we cannot wait to see them installed in the magical atmosphere of Livigno valley. "
At the infrastructure level, the top station has been completely covered and several companies are now working on the electrical part and interior fittings.

The new gondola in San Rocco area will mark a decisive step in the renewal of Livigno’s infrastructures dedicated to mountain lovers and outdoor sports fans who visit Livigno both in winter and summer.

After the construction of other lifts in the last decade, and an innovative MTB project the whole world is talking about, the Cusini Group - the holding company which owns Carosello 3000 - confirms with this work the strong investment readiness in order to cement the place of Livigno among the top international destinations.
Successive updates on construction work and opening dates will be posted on the Carosello 3000 website and on social media accounts.

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