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The Mountain illuminated by fireworks and lights. An artistic representation of the new logo installed at 3000 metres a.s.l. The screening of a docu-movie on the construction of San Rocco’s new facility. All on the night of the official inauguration of the new Carosello 3000 cableway in Livigno.

The strength of the mountain and the lightness of freedom intertwined in an amazing show, staged on Friday, 26 January and performed for the official inauguration of San Rocco’s new cableway. An exciting and carefully planned show that, using lights, music, choreography and incredible stage costumes, gave artistic form to the mantra of Carosello 3000: "The Mountain Is Freedom". A feeling of freedom experienced by winter and summer outdoor sports enthusiasts.

The show was conceived and directed by Roberto Corona and staged by Corona Events Artists Company, a company of avant-garde performers who already took part in the opening of the Venice Carnival and the Doha International Festival.

A unique experience through which Carosello 3000 wished to emphasise love for the mountains and the freedom that they are able to convey to enthusiasts. As well as the need to offer its guests continuous emotions, such as those provided by the Top Experiences programme. Unmissable situations that are worth a trip to Livigno alone.

Twice a week (on Tuesdays and Thursdays), the Sunrise Experience allows you to ski on golden slopes caressed by the first morning rays of sun and then enjoy a luxury breakfast at the Rifugio Costaccia (2360 metres a.s.l.) with panoramic views of the Alps. An experience like no other.

Thanks to the Sky Experience, you can try the thrill of paragliding, flying over the slopes and backcountry of Carosello 3000 and circling above the snow-covered peaks.

Every Wednesday, a local freerider accompanies skiers to little-known places in the mountains. It’s called the Local Experience. An easy off-piste discovery of unspoilt nature that includes a delicious Alpine picnic in a mountain lodge immersed in the backcountry. An experience to discover the magic of the territory.

"The Stone of 3000" docu-movie, shot during the construction of San Rocco’s new Carosello 3000 cableway, was screened at the inaugural evening. A journey that lasted a summer, alternating moments of euphoria and others of concern, filming the men who contributed to the construction in record time of such an ambitious project.

At the end of the works, Stefano Cusini, General Manager of Carosello 3000, said: "This has been a very intense experience for me, both in terms of timing and relationships. The new cableway is a step towards the future that allows our guests to experience any outdoor sport with greater freedom and share a unique environment and beautiful memories with family and friends."

The Freedom Eagle has been positioned at the arrival point of the new facility. It is a 5-metre-high polished stainless steel sculpture that reinterprets the new Carosello 3000 logo in an artistic guise. "A work that reflects freedom and love for the mountains", said Camillo Bertolini - Marketing Manager of Carosello 3000 - "and that we would like to become a place for meeting and sharing. Hence the decision to put seating at its base and locate it in a busy area such as the square in front of the arrival point of the new cableway, instead of on a peak, as is usually the case."

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