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  • Hans No Way Rey
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Due to the construction of a new gondola in San Rocco area that will replace the old one, you can reach the higher mountain area only by the gondola Livigno Centro – Costaccia. You can still get to the mountain peak thanks to the opening of the chair lift Blesaccia II.
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Hans "No Way" Rey

The image of Livigno on a Mountain Bike

For years Livigno by mountain bike has relied on Hans "No Way" Rey to promote its brand. Hans is a true and proper mountain bike pioneer and winner of numerous international competitions. From Hawaii to Machu Pichu, from Borneo to Africa, there isn't a continent that hasn't seen Hans in action on what are considered to be extreme terrains.

With his friend Diddie Schneider, Hans has also coined the expression "Flow Country" to identify a type of free flow mountain bike path with unexpected changes in incline and small dips that can be used by all mtb lovers according to their level.

Hans Rey, together with his partner Carmen Freeman, has founded a no-profit association called Wheel4Life to donate bicycles to communities living in very isolated areas in third world countries. The possibility to have a means of transport to reach facilities such as schools, hospitals or distant workplaces can really do wonders for the development of a small community.

In this video filmed last summer, Hans accompanies some youngsters on a quiet excursion on the paths of Livigno.


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