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Sentieri Running Livigno: dove correre in quota.


Overall length: 6.4 km (round trip) - Positive height gain: 254 metres
Round-trip itinerary between the arrival station of the gondola Carosello 3000 (in San Rocco zone) and the peak of Montda li Rèsa, near the statue of the Madonon (Madonna delle Rezze). Along this slightly over 6 km stretch you’ll get familiar with the altitude and enjoy a route characterized by wide panoramic views over the Valley of Livigno, the Val Federia, the peaks of the Ortles-Cevedale mountain range and Bernina.

Overall length: 8.4 km - Positive height gain: 440 meters
A technically very diverse itinerary characterized by two uphill-downhill stretches - where you can enjoy your run - joined by a challenging ascent and a pleasant descent in the woods. The starting and arrival point is the middle station of the gondola Livigno Centro while the top station is the ideal rest area before the descent.

Overall length: 16 km - Positive height gain: 760 meters
Very scenic and complete ring route especially from the technical point of view. Departure and arrival at the middle station of the gondola Carosello 3000 (in San Rocco zone) passing by the mountain refuges Costaccia and rest area Carosello 3000 and the peak Madonon. Here you can enjoy an amazing view not only over Livigno and the Val Federia but also over all the peaks of the Ortles-Cevedale and Bernina mountain range.

Overall length: 20 km - Positive height gain: 890 meters
In the heart of the “Little Tibet”, all along the spectacular and unspoilt Val Federia, this path starts from the intermediate station of the gondola Livigno Centro and passes by the Carosello 3000 rest area. With its 2,722 m altitude this is the highest point of this itinerary that encloses the two valleys framing the Mountain Park.

Overall length: 3.25 km - Positive height gain: 510 metres
510 metres elevation gain in slightly more than 3 km from the middle station of the gondola Carosello 3000 up to the mountain station rest area. Go along the facility following the service road, the steepness is challenging but not impossible even if only real runners will be able run all along it! Here a pair of sticks can be useful. The view upon arrival will reward you for all your efforts!

Overall length: 21 km - Positive height gain: 1,260 meters
Itinerary that leads runners up to the border with nearby Switzerland and with departure and arrival point at the Carosello 3000 top station. Even though this is a challenging route, anyone with the right approach can complete it, also thanks to the possibility of taking a break in the many rest areas along the route. The landscape that surrounds you all along these 21 km is a typical high mountain scenery, the vegetation is very scant and in the highest areas even grass can hardly be seen. It’s nothing extreme, but the sensation of running along a thin line suspended between land and sky is really strong. Two climbs to tackle:from the bottom of the valley to the Cassana Pass (about 5 km) and from the Malga di Federia back again to the Carosello rest area (3.5 km). Their steepness may cause you to walk fast rather than run, especially in the second one that takes you back to the departure point. The descents instead are enjoyable and not so challenging, with a compact and not particularly technical terrain.

Running Guide livigno 2016: percorsi e consigli per correre a Livigno
Carosello 3000 and Soul Running Magazine have collaborated to map the territory and have discovered new routes for trail-runners, which are all at an altitude of more than 2,000 metres. This experience has been documented in a guide available for download free-of-charge in PDF format.
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