Carosello 3000 - Ski Area Livigno
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Freeride Ski


Imagine skiing on pure white, untouched slopes. Imagine listening to the total silence of the mountain interrupted only by the sound of your skis as they slide over fresh snow. Imagine experiencing the sense of freedom that only the wide open spaces of the Alps can give you.
For lovers of off-piste skiing, Carosello 3000 is the doorway to vast areas of fresh snow that are unmarked and not controlled, where you can satisfy your wish to ski surrounded by nature. Starting from the spaces at the side of the ski runs which are easily accessible to beginners to the more demanding backcountry areas or the skiing on the pure white peaks surrounding the valley, everyone can find an area suitable for their level of expertise.

For all freeride lovers, Carosello 3000 strongly recommends:

• leaving the marked ski runs only if you are well aware of the risks and you know how to tackle them;
• planning your route in advance so that you do not find yourself in impracticable areas where it becomes extremely difficult if not impossible to return to the valley;
• taking part in the courses organised by the Alpine Guides of Livigno.
• taking essential rescue equipment with you at all times (ARTVA, snow shovel and sound probe) that you know how to use correctly.
• checking the "Freeride Livigno - Feel the Powder" avalanche bulletin at all times.

Off-piste skiing is at the risk and peril of the skiers. Carosello 3000 srl and Sitas spa decline all responsibility for accidents or injury that may occur off the marked ski runs.

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